{travel} {university} 12 Days Left, Whatwhatwhat


Taken during last summer’s day trip to Arashiyama.

Just a quick update post〜

My friends from university have all already gone off to the countries where they’ll be spending their four/five/six months abroad and I’m still stuck in Germany working my butt off (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating) and dying of boredom … but not for much longer! Because in twelve days I’ll be off to a faraway place myself! I still can’t believe it! Kyoto, Simone is coming for ya! Continue reading

{food} Recipe: Vegan Molecake (Maulwurfkuchen)

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and in order to celebrate her special day, we my sister (because I can’t bake to save my life) made a vegan molecake. (Or, in German, Maulwurfkuchen).

It was her first attempt at vegan-izing this particular cake, and it worked out really well! It was absolutely delicious. So I decided that it would be cool to share her recipe on the interwebs, in case you want to try making the vegan version of this cake as well. So here it goes!

IMG_2814 IMG_2815

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{travel} A Day in Drachenfels


Okay, not sure if going to Drachenfels can actually be considered “travelling” because that place is only an hour and a half or so away from where I currently live in Düsseldorf … but whatevurrrr. But anyway, yes, my sister and I took a day trip to Drachenfels.

Drachenfels literally means “dragon rock.” It’s a mountain/hill that was apparently formed by magma that rose up underneath the earth but could not break through the surface (thanks, Wikipedia) … so that is probably why it’s called “dragon rock.” Dragon – fire – dragon – get it, heh? Hah.

Anyway, Drachenfels was pretty easy to reach from Düsseldorf. First we took the train from Düsseldorf main train station to Köln/Cologne main train station. From there we took another train to Niederdollendorf, which is very close to Bonn. From Niederdollendorf station we took the subway (which wasn’t really a subway because it went above ground most of the time, but details) to Königswinter Fähre, which is a beautiful station located right by a beautiful lake. By the way, Königswinter is German for “king’s winter” … what a pretty name for a little town or village, eh? Continue reading

{photo} Stream #2 – Sunday Strolls

Mom and I went to the Nordpark in Düsseldorf where the Japanese garden is located because it was a beautiful sunny summer day and I wanted to take some photos there. Unfortunately it was very crowded – mainly because of the many cosplayers doing photo shoots and just hanging around there. But oh well, we managed to see some cool cosplays and I managed to take some okay-ish photos in other places, so it was a good day overall.

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